Kilcoy Motorcycle Club


About Kilcoy Motorcycle Club

Kilcoy Motorcycle Club hosts many club competition days every year along with rounds of Sunshine State Series, South East Queensland Junior Series and is home to the annual Ironman Competition. 

Kilcoy has great facilities including; a full canteen and licensed bar, said to be one of the best around Australia, numerous clean and tidy hot showers and toilets and fantastic grand stands for spectator viewing.

Our club encourages family involvement in a fun environment while following strict Motorcycling Australia guidelines for safety. 

Our practice and race days are fully supervised by trained officials and medical personnel, for you to ride in a safe and controlled environment.


Break-up and Xmas Party!!!

Saturday 21st November


All Divi 1 parents: If you would like to go out on the track with your rider, please bring a hivis vest as the club only has a small number and they may already be in use on the day.

Transponders: Due to the large number of competitors for the day, nearly all of the club transponders have been hired out, so there won't be many left to hire. Make sure to charge your transponders today on a wall socket as they don't like to be charged in the car. When they are on charge, the light sequence should be blue, green then a slow flashing red (as in the photo). If the middle light is red, this means the subscription has expired on your transponder. To renew your subscription, you will need to plug the transponder in to a computer to update it.



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